Bright Thinking



Gwendolyn is a devoted mother of three and delighted to be in the middle of a blended family full of laughter, skinned knees and teenage heartache. Gwendolyn relies on the furious Asha, a puny Pug, to keep the family in line. Her passion on a warm sunny day is tooling down the road on her Honda Valkyrie.

“When I’m on my bike I’m in my element. I feel so alive with all the sights, smells, and speed.”

As a passionate lover of life, I have an abundance of energy to help you discover your authentic life. My focus in life is based on a desire to love, learn and give.

Through her 16 years in the corporate world, Gwendolyn has extensive experience with management, operations and finance. She has also spent 8 years working in internal investigations, workplace violence and the facilitation training for loss, harassment and violent crime. This has prepared Gwendolyn well for helping her clients to open up and deal with the challenges they may face in their personal lives.

Gwendolyn holds a certification in Conflict Resolution and Mediation with the Justices Institute of British Columbia, she is also a co-active Coach trained through The Coaches Institute and is a member of the International Coach Federation. Past certifications include: Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques and Scientific Content Analysis. She is also a past member with ASIS (America Society of Industrial Security) and ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners).


By encouraging you to embrace your pivotal decisions in life with clarity and confidence,
I challenge, motivate and inspire you to discover your authentic self and live a life of
balanced values and goals, leading to a fulfilled life.


TRUST — I believe that trust is the foundation of a valued and committed relationship.

INTEGRITY — I believe in the integrity of a coach-client relationship and the importance of maintaining confidentiality in all that is discussed and shared.

COMMITMENT — My commitment to you, the client, is to continually encourage and foster your growth through an ongoing relationship of focus and interaction.

PERCEPTIVENESS — Through my skills, knowledge and experience in coaching and mediation, I will use my perceptive ability to help you identify your barriers and the action steps required for you to overcome them and live a more fulfilling life.

TRANSPARENCY — Designing an alliance that fosters transparency for both.

PARTNERSHIP — I foster and facilitate a co-active approach whereby both the client and the coach are partners in the process. Together, we discover the challenges and obstacles and work together to help you overcome them and move forward towards successful action.


The name nianova encapsulates all that is important to me and my desire to share with others what I know. The name nianova is derived from two words; nia – meaning ‘a lustrous goal’, and nova – meaning ‘suddenly becomes bright’. So together, through some Bright Thinking, you will achieve your lustrous goals.

In your journey to illuminate some lustrous goals in your life, I look forward to working together to help you achieve what you truly want out of life.