Bright Thinking



When you think of a Firefly, you think of the joy and fun of seeing it light the night sky with a cosmic dance of life.  As a child, delight would come from the challenges of trying to catch one, only to be disappointed when it would go dark. Although important, the issue of light is not the key behind what drives the Firefly. Rather, it is the messages that this wondrous creature gives us while she is not lit that is the most profound to our growth as humans.

An ordinary looking creature during the day, admittedly, the Firefly is a remarkable sight when it glows at night.  Although our physical appearance may seem ordinary- it is our internal energy- (our spirit) that makes us shine from the inside out. The life force that lies within us will always illuminate us and those around us. What a wondrous sight to behold when someone is showing the whole world their true authentic self.

The Firefly’s lighted signals are precise and exactly timed in order to attract the right mate. For us as humans to attract the right people, places and things in our lives, we too must show people who we truly are.

It is interesting to note that the Firefly does not produce heat in order to create her light. Creativity and development needs to be a free, natural and passionate process- there is no need for us to “ burn–out” in order to reach a fullfilled life.

The Firefly requires very little food to survive and create light. They use their environment in a very efficient and economical way in order to gain their energy. We too, must use the resources we have available to us, and not to waste or consume in excess. Our society of material consumption does not fill the need of and love and community that is so needed today.

Fireflies teach us to live a more balanced, simpler life, and to rely on our inner resources and strength for illumination. A Firefly reminds us that our paths are made brighter by the beauty that we allow into our lives.