Bright Thinking


What a year of change!

2009 really brought it.  From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows it was all there. Leaving a job after 14 years, deaths of loved ones, dealing with personal demons from the past, going back to school, meeting wonderful new mentors and friends, moving into my dream home with the love of my life, having my health fail me or should I say I failed my health. I have learned so much and am very grateful for every painful and joyful lesson.

So, what did I learn?   I learned about balance. It’s not always going to be lightness and joy. Sometimes you need to deal with the ugly, gut wrenching sorrow and pain.  Each one of these experiences has taught me how resilient and strong I am.

I learned that time is my truest friend.  Living in the moment is the purest and most precious gift we are given.  If I do not like what is going on all I need to do is change my perspectives and like magic things look and feel different.  Living is full of regrets, “should have done that”, “why didn’t I”.  The past became the place of lessons learned and now let’s move on. What’s next!  The future while exciting it is a little overwhelming with possibilities.  2009 taught that I have seen the worst life can throw at you and still find joy. I can deal with anything!

I learned that I need the hugs, laughter and love from my friends and family.  Having people accept me as I am especially when I am down is priceless.  Gratitude for love received when you need it most strengthens me and enables me to give it back in spades to others.

This blog is my way of sharing what I learn along my journey of life. My life is far from perfect nor do I want it to be. The gems are found in the most unlikely places. One of my favourite quotes is; “I rather be happy than right”.  2010 will be about looking for happiness in the unexpected and surprising places.



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