Bright Thinking




A beautiful partnership that creates a more rewarding, meaningful and purposeful life.

• A co-active process of moving from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow.

• Enabling you to make decisions from a point of clarity.

• An alignment of your values and goals.

• Finding and being true to your authentic self.

• Taking the lead for a more balanced and fulfilled life.

• Acknowledging that you are a natural, creative and resourceful person.


• Psychotherapy or counseling. Even though the process of co–active coaching may at times deal with the past and may include some advice, a life coach does not offer legal advice.


• I will give you brilliant tools and bright thinking that enables you to shed stereotypes, misconceptions, old behaviors and discover that the wisdom and solutions you require are already inside of you.

• I am committed to challenging you to create and do more than you would on your own. Accountability is the key, as it helps you focus better in order to produce results quicker and create a sense of accomplishment.

• With accountability comes homework.  The real work comes after the call as goals and actions are focused on.

• I expect the best from myself and from you. If you are not at your best I will ask why. If you can not be at your best I will be there to listen, so you can be heard, loved, and accepted.  This will help you to move back to where you want to be.

• I will be direct. Sometimes my intuition tells that there is more to what is being said. I will ask about it as my curiosity knows something important is here to be discovered.  I will ask you if you want to shine a light on it.

• I want your feedback.  I want to hear it all. It could be a personal disappoint or a glorious success. I may even be even me and how I coach. Learning how to serve you better is always top of mind.

•  As your coach I will be the energy to create a renewed and exceptional YOU!