Bright Thinking



Conflict in the workplace is a reality and is very costly. Consider this;

•  As a typical manager, you spend 25-49% of your time dealing with workplace conflict. That’s an average of two days a week!

• 60 to 80 % of all difficulties in your organization stem from strained relationships between employees, not from deficits in their ability or their lack of motivation.

Conflict has many detrimental affects to workplace productivity – it can even be scary. Shift your thinking so that you can begin to view conflict as an ally with new possibilities and opportunities.

Learn to manage challenging situations in the workplace, improve workplace productivity, and go home at end of the day less stressed.


• Examine, understand and manage conflict.

• Understand how conflict impacts you and others.

• Respond rather than react to conflict.

• Develop and apply effective problem solving skills.

• Manage personal conflicts and disputes.

Gwendolyn’s experience in business and conflict coaching is driven by her proven critical thinking and optimistic mentoring. She has worked with large organizations and individuals to help them reach resolutions for operational and personal crisis, allowing them to reduce financial or labour losses, and increase productivity.