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Life is all about change so, why do we fear it so much? Could it be that:

I don’t understand change and its implications
I consider changes to be irrelevant and inappropriate
I don’t want to change because it will infringe on my personal time
I don’t have the faith or skills to change
I feel too much is happening too soon
I like my miserable life (the story) being the victim gives me what I need…

Everyone has a reason for why change is not a good thing. Still when you look at your life its full of change.  Change of career, change in relationships, change in your family (a new child or loss of a parent), changes in your body, getting older!

I am no different from everyone else, the word “change” scares me because if I really want to change something in my life I have to leave my comfort zone and go into the unknown… the unknown is that place were our imaginations run wild and things can get really messy.  So how do people successfully deal with change in their lives?   Recognize that the need for change is the first step.  My personal example is my issue with my fitness.  At first I resist by telling myself I don’t have time, its too hard to keep up etc.  Then I realize that I am the only one that will make this happen. Next I think about what will happen to my body if is not healthy and in shape. This creates sadness and frustration which moves me into thinking about how to change my situation.  The last part is the action of planning and doing. Once I have my action is place the challenge is to sustain it. This is where I enlist the help of my friends and family.  Their encouragement helps to get me to my goal.  Finally, once I reach my goal its not over. Change has a habit of relapsing into old behavours again.   The key to this to realize that the change is a journey and will be repeat many times throughout your life.

Recognizing the need for change is the first step. Which is hopefully why you found this blog!  The process of change is important to embrace because as you become more comfortable with change, the unknown becomes less scary.   Where are you in the cycle of change?  Contact me for a complementary session and we can discuss the change you need in your life and create steps to prepare, take action and make it a life long habit!

“All Change even the most longed for have their melancholy, for what we leave behind us is part of ourselves. We must die to one life before we can enter the other.”  Anatole France



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