Bright Thinking


How many of you had a new year’s resolution? How many of you have already forgotten about it? We all want to plan ahead, set great goals, but have we set our intention as well? The dictionary defines intention as “something intended or planed in advance”. Intention sounds like a focus on actionable thought. To me it feels more like you are giving yourself choice, options and granting yourself power.

What gets in the way of our success? How do we start the year right so that all those resolutions, plans and goals have a fair chance of becoming reality just like we envisioned?

So, what gets in the way?
• Your thoughts are the number thing that can unravel your goal or vision for your life. “I don’t deserve this”, “I am not worthy of this goal”. Your inner critic is your biggest barrier to success. Tips on reducing the impact; Breath, relax and simply notice the inner critic without becoming involved emotionally. Remain unattached. The past is just past. You have the choice whether or not you want to repeat it.
• Identify your barriers; toxic relationships, money worries, aversions to pain, making choices, being too successful, the issues are unlimited by you. Are you ready and willing to ask for help when you are overwhelmed? Today it is much more socially acceptable to say that you are stress or overwhelmed than in the past.
• Lack of motivation; too many excuses, not ready to make the hard decisions, fear of what’s next, your body is not in a healthy place and is holding you back.. Motivation is the engine for action. Have you talked to your doctor about how to increase your energy and focus?

Ok, So now what?

What does a compelling goal or vision look like?
• Create one by answering … What is it that you are most excited and passionate about? What can’t you live without? Not as easy as you would think. Take your time with it.

Once you find out what that is, here are some actions can assist in making your vision a reality?
• Review 2010 and give thanks for everything positive that has already happened! What did you learn from you’re the trials and tribulations?
• Get support so you can put yourself first. Imagine what you could do with the right kind of support.

Do you have a friend, or coach that you can hold you accountable?
• Clarity- What do you want to be different? Be as specific as you can. See it, Feel it use all your senses.
• Choice- What do you choose? Make the decision that makes your heart sing or makes you gasp.
• Action- What action will you take?
• Is it SMART? (Specific, measurable, accountable, resonate, thrilling)
• Create a movie in your mind about your theme, vision or goal, put yourself in it and play it over and over. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between one reality and another! The more you do it the more real it becomes.
• Set your intention and live it with feeling. Act and feel like if it has already happened.

Intention + Attention = Manifestation
Set your intentions; focus on gratitude for all the good things in your life and the universe will respond.



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